【JS-A】Garage Door Remote-A 2-Channel 4 Button (Rolling Code)

JSremote-A型-雙控-4鍵遙控發射器(滾碼)-(Rolling Code)Garage Door Remote-A 2-Channel 4 Button-JS-A
Voltage: 23A-Battery(12V)
Loading Current: 15mA
Distance: 160m/200m(Open Area)
Size: 165x40x19mm

Receive Distance Comparison Table:

Type Standard Distance Remote(m) Long Distance Remote(m) Frequency(MHz)
Standard Distance
(Super-Regenerative Receiver)
80 160 請依主機頻率調頻
Long Distance
(ASK Receiver)
100 200

Remark:Test under uncovered straight line distance.


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客製化尺寸-OEM Size Description
雷射貼紙-效果示意-Laser Stickers Illustration銀絲龍貼紙-效果示意-Brushed Metal Stickers Illustration
客製化產品圖-OEM Range Description

Applicative Range:

廠房大型鐵捲門-Industrial Roller Shutters家用車庫捲門-Garage Door停車場閘門-Parking Gates伸縮門-Retractable Gate扇形門-Swing Gate滑軌門-Sliding Gate大樓車道門禁設備-Condominium Garage Door


  • Stylish slider: Elegant and prevents accidently touching the buttons.
  • Special Battery holder: Designed to change battery easily.
  • Glow-in-dark button: Allows user to use it even in darkness.
  • Super long range remote control: The remote control can control up to 200m in an obstruction-free straight line open space.