【JS-RM05】Garage Door Opener(Standard Mode)

JSremote-球型三鍵控制器(標準型)-Garage Door Opener(Standard Mode)-JS-RM05
Voltage: AC110V/AC220V
Standby Current: 30mA
Output Power: 150W
Size: 231x146x105mm
Remote Storage Maximum:


JSremote-方型三鍵控制器(標準型)-Garage Door Opener(Standard Mode)-JS-RM05


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客製化尺寸-OEM Size Description拉絲金屬銘版-效果示意-Brushed Metal Name Plate Illustration
客製化產品圖-OEM Range Description

Applicative Range:

廠房大型鐵捲門-Industrial Roller Shutters家用車庫捲門-Garage Door大樓車道門禁設備-Condominium Garage Door



  • Idling monitor: If the idling duration exceeds 60 seconds, system determines this as malfunction, thus shuts down the motor automatically to prevent overheating.
  • Overload protection: Export circuit fuse incorporated to prevent overload and unusual increase of electricity current flow which can damage remote control and motor.
  • Overheating protection: When the system overheats, its thermal-fuse breaks and the system shuts down automatically; it will return to its original state when temperature falls back to normal.
  • Premium pressure-sensitive protection device: When pressure sensitive roller door senses an obstruction, it immediately stops within 0.5 seconds and operate reversely to prevent accidents.
  • Roller door sensor: When it is moving upwards and senses external force that is pulling it down, it stops immediately to prevent rolling up objects.
  • Customizable infrared ray monitor: When it detects any motion nearby as the roller door is shutting down, and the roller door will stop immediately to prevent accidents.
  • Supports external lights: Lights up whenever the roller door is operating and is able to extend illumination for 60s after activation of the roller door.
  • Customizable external warning light: When the roller door is operating, the warning light turns on automatically.
  • Audio signal setting: Allows users to determine the processing operation; it can be switched off.


  • Optional security alarm: When the sensor detects unusual opening of the door or window, it sends warning alarm to the owner and to the police/security guard when used in conjunction with auto-alarm transmitter.
  • Optional external installation of flash and loud speaker: Enhances door sensor and security alarm system.
  • Supports auto-alarm transmitter: When the security system is activated by intruder, it sends signal to the police or security guard.
  • Self-closing function: The door closes automatically after the pre-set duration.
  • Optional timer for self-closing: Works in conjunction with the self-closing function to show the time remaining before closing the door.
  • Remote control lock: Prevents opening of the roller door from accidental activation; and this can be disabled.


  • Multiple-control: One remote control can control up to 12 roller doors.
  • Optional roller-door counter: Open-and-close is counted as one time; reminds user to maintain the motor and roller-door periodically.
  • Optional 3-button switch: 3 buttons that controls on, off and stop separately .
  • Supports single recurrence button: It controls on, off and stop in a cycle.
  • Optional uninterruptible power supply: Continues to operate when power supply is interrupted.
  • Roller-door operational-direction change: This can be done using remote control setting without changing the motor wiring.

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Advance Function Chart (Optional Purchase):

外掛產品選配表_滾碼控制器選配_英文-Advance Function Chart-Optional Purchase

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