【JS-2290】Uninterruptible Power Supply-2290

JSremote-2290車庫門不斷電系統-Uninterruptible Power Supply-JS-2290
Input Voltage: 115V±15%/230V±15%
Output Voltage: 110V±10%/220V±10%
Standby Time: 24Hours
Apply To Motor: Below 1100kg
Weight: 25kg
Size: 340x121x340mm

Applicative Range:

廠房大型鐵捲門-Industrial Roller Shutters家用車庫捲門-Garage Door停車場閘門-Parking Gates伸縮門-Retractable Gate扇形門-Swing Gate滑軌門-Sliding Gate大樓車道門禁設備-Condominium Garage Door


  • Smart battery management system: Extends the battery life by managing current outflow effectively.
  • Overload protection: Installed with short-circuit and overload protection.
  • Microchip programming: Enhances efficiency and saves energy.
  • Off mode: Does not consume electricity, thus the battery can last for a year when the device is switched off.
  • Safety design: Automatically unlocks remote control’s power off function during power failure to assist evacuation (this power-off function should be in “normally closed” mode).
  • Smart standby mode: Super long standby time; uses buck convector during power failure to extend standby time to 48 hours; steps up output current to ensure efficiency is not compromised when roller door is activated during power failure.
  • Easy to install: Comes with a handle to make installation and removal safe and easy, and it will not come off easily.

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